Monday, November 4, 2013

Welby and Francis

Saw this posted on, very curious...

[my commentary] and emphasis added

"Anglican leader hints at joint ‘surprises’ with Pope Francis

CWN - November 04, 2013
The head of the Anglican Communion, Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury, said in an interview with Vatican Radio that “a few” Catholic-Anglican “surprises” may be forthcoming.
“There are very fundamental and extremely important doctrinal and dogmatic differences that we have between us and they have to be worked on, as they are with Rome and the Anglicans with ARCIC [the Anglican - Roman Catholic International Commission], and we take those extremely seriously,” he said. “It’s absolutely essential that those are worked on. But we need to make sure we’re working on them in the context of churches and ecclesial communities that say no sacrifice is too great to be obedient to the call of Christ that we may be one.” [who said this? Welby?]
God has given you, and given us all, a great Pope,” he continued. “And he’s a great Pope of surprises… Surprises? Yes, I think there’ll be one or two surprises. We’re hoping to produce a few surprises.”
Asked to divulge “any hint, any teaser” about his visit to the Vatican next spring, Archbishop Welby replied, “No, absolutely not!”"

The Anglican-Catholic dialogues have not been fantastic these last few years.  In fact, the inability to find common ground and bring formal unity between Anglicans and Catholics is the biggest cause of the formation of the Anglican Ordinariate in the Catholic Church.  
So my guess would be, after knowing that, is that there is likely something in the realm of thought that Catholics and Anglicans can still agree on at this point.  That would certainly surprise me.
Here is a link to the ARCIC page on the Anglican Communion Site:
I am certainly glad that Welby and the Holy Father have a good relationship- that is certainly needed when hard truths have to be spoken.  Welby's personal thoughts on social issues has brought more dissonance into the ecumenical dialogues with other Churches.  So sorry if that was a *SPOILER ALERT*- but it would certainly be a surprise to me.  
P.S.- I have heard it guessed that this would be an announcement of open communion between the two.  I would venture to guess again.  Not only is it absurd, but you would not be hearing about a "development" like that from an outlet such as this.

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