Monday, July 28, 2014

There is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there...?

Something terribly wrong in our hearts as well.  (Ironic that the quote for this title is a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask).

We are born, we live our lives, and then we die.  That is what we are given.  When I look around it seems that the modern consensus in the United States is that this is all there is.  For you to say there is something more than that formula, well there is just something wrong with YOU!  This may not be what most think, but it is certainly how most act.

When we talk about a world outside of our own, well you must have a vivid imagination.  Scientists can talk about an infinite number of universes as a valid "theory", but one cannot hold that there is a divine creator and that when we die we are offered a return to that creator.

Where people would rather talk about two groups launching rockets at each other over a strip of land (two sides that are well armed to fight and defend themselves) instead of the people being dragged out of their homes and slaughtered without any means of defending themselves.

Something I have been observing is how the loving, liberal, open-minded, peaceful, secular metality that is growing in our country is actually more judgmental, violent, condemning, and black and white mentality than most other world views.  We live in a world where the worst thing you can possibly be doing right now is judging another group's actions, as opposed to slaughtering another group for holding different beliefs.  Where one can be labelled a bigot or "filled with hate" for pointing out that one religious set of beliefs justify the genocide of a group of people for holding differing beliefs.  "Where is your love for others?" one is attacked with.  Well, I ask, where is the supposed "love" for those families in Iraq- where fathers are tied down and forced to watch their daughters and wives being raped and mutilated, to watch their families being slaughtered and then dragged out to hang on a cross like their saviour once did.  Where is this supposed "love" from the religion of "peace" and "love"?  Why are those in said religion not pooling their resources together to offer aid the Christians in Syria and Iraq that are being slaughtered?  Or as the great Father Hunwicke has suggested, the "peaceful" members of said religion offering to pool their money to at least cover the payment for the Jizya tax being imposed on Christians in Iraq and Syria.  Wouldn't the "peaceful non-hijackers" of said religion show the world how loving their religion is by doing such a thing?

I laugh how citizens in the U.S. and U.K. critique their Christian Churches as they stand on the sidelines, and judge the Christians who are concerned with the world.  Yet, I can only imagine if Christians were to just disappear from this world how much these same people would cry out that God (or the listening universe...)would send people into the world who gave a damn, cared for others, and would save them from those who are trying to oppress them.  Christ said this would happen, and here we are.

In the midst of this, we still proclaim, "All hail Christ the King".

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