Saturday, November 28, 2015

Oblates for the Ordinariate

Hi everyone,

forgive the long delay in posts these days.  In order to spare you a lot of details, I have been spending much time in prayer and discernment the past month.  Needless to say, that leaves me with very little time to write and such.

That being said, I wanted to throw out a call to members of the Ordinariate who check this blog from time to time.  A Benedictine Brother, Brother John-Bede, at St. John's Abbey in Minnesota is beginning a chapter of Oblates dedicated to maintaining the balance of Benedictine spirituality according to the Anglican Patrimony.  The practicality of this involves praying the Ordinariate offices at least, but we are in discussion about how to further exercise our Anglican Patrimony as Oblates.  There are inquirers all over the country that all belong to the Ordinariate to belong to this chapter, so do not let distance be a deterrent.  If one is interested, one can look here. Amongst other things, this has been one of the things I have been in discernment over.  I am considering becoming an Oblate to the Rule of St. Benedict.

It is worth noting that Monsignor Steenson is one of the members of the Ordinariate who is discerning becoming an Oblate in this chapter.  Also, Bishop-Elect Lopes, the newly elected Ordinary and bishop for the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, was a candidate at St. John's Abbey.  So this abbey has some ties to the Ordinariate in several ways.

St. Benedict of Nursia, pray for us.