Thursday, January 19, 2017

Week of Christian Unity 2017: The Only Way To Unite The Church

        We now find ourselves in the ecumenically agreed week of prayer for Christians dedicated to praying for unity in the Church.  This conversation is so much more important today than it ever has been.  Christians are being killed, persecuted, and ridiculed for their faith in every historically Christian country today.  Secular governments opens her arms to Islam to come into their cultures and spread their faith, while on the other hand are so keen to point out the so-called flaws or errors of Christian past (some that really are not errors but are reasons why we are even here and able to have this conversation).  Still, that is the atmosphere the Christian west finds itself in today.
        While I do not believe the Catholic Church needs to refocus efforts that lean away from spreading the truth to all peoples, including to Protestants, I do feel that as Protestants are Christians we can certainly dialogue with them and live out Christian charity amongst ourselves.  That being the case, it is also a spiritual work of mercy to point out to our Protestant brothers and sisters that they are not experiencing the full sacramental communion of those in union with the successor of St. Peter, the head of the Church appointed by Jesus Christ.  So as Catholics, we do not merely pray that we can somehow work better with Protestants in converting our nation, or that we can get along better when we dialogue, but we actually pray the Church be one in every sense.  This means we pray that our Protestant friends would be convinced of the truth of Catholicism and would "swim the Tiber", so to speak, and become Catholics.  After all, wouldn't you want the best for those whom you love and want them to be given all the blessings and experience the full life of the Church that Christ wants for them? If the answer is no, then you really do not love them, and really have no desire to evangelize at all or get what the Church exists for anyways.  This is why the Catholic Church engages in this week of prayer for unity.  While maybe this current Pontiff does not think that is what this week is for, I think it is exactly why it exists and why we find ourselves here in this week as Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox.

        These reasons below are mostly aimed at Protestants (yes that includes you Canterburians).  Most Protestants will think that is out of hatred or spite, but it is actually not the case.  Catholics see the Orthodox as Churches with valid sacraments and that the Orthodox Patriarchs even go back to the Holy Apostles.  The only thing missing from the Orthodox Church is communion with Rome.  While we pray that any Orthodox Christians who are enlightened to the Pope's role as head of the Church may discerningly come into communion with the Holy Father through the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches, or the Latin Rite, the Catholic Church sees the future of unity with the East in corporate reunion.  So through dialogue and working with the East, it is possible to actually one day come back into communion with each other and still exist even as the minor differences exist between us, but as one united Church.  Yet, with Protestants it is not so.  The communities founded by Protestants have no succession from the early church, no valid sacraments, and therefore there is nothing to which corporate reunion becomes a possibility (one may say that the Anglican Ordinariate was the closest thing to what that would look like with whole congregations coming into the Church together- still they need to be confirmed and recieve their valid sacraments in the Catholic Church).  Protestants would need to discern individually the truth of the Catholic Church and join the Church on an individual basis.  That is the only reason why the below blog is mostly aimed at Protestants.

         While there are an infinite amount of reasons to join the Catholic Church, here are 5 major reasons to join the Catholic Church in 2017:

1) A United Church Is A Truly United Front

        As I have said the world doesn't really like us Christians too much.  Secularism cannot withstand forever, it will be replaced by something.  Whether it is a dominantly secular culture, or a dominantly Muslim culture, or a pagan culture- every Christian knows that every person needs Jesus Christ.  Our culture can only flourish when it is a Christian culture- I truly believe that.  A secular culture does not keep a country thriving.  Just look around you and secularism is collapsing.  It has quickly evolved into a neo-pagan society with Islamic society slowly on the rise in Europe.  When Christians are bickering with each other and divided, it is not a truly united front to engage the culture.  Far from it.  I do believe Christians should be bold and honest about our differences, but the reality is that division in the Church will always make the Church just less than efficient in converting all peoples to Christ.  Yet, the Catholic Church is the most qualified institution at doing such a thing.  The Catholic Church converted an entire nation of New World Indians by showing them a tilma with Jesus' mother on it.  The Catholic Church was sending priests and monks into pagan lands before Protestantism even existed, and continued to do so when the consistent Protestant ethic is that people will only be converted if the ruler of the land spreads the empire and forces people to convert (forced conversion was a Protestant distortion, not a Catholic one).  The Catholic Church has 2,000 years experience, I think she might know a thing or two about this.

2) Catholicism is unity

        All over Europe and the United States, Christian denominations are growing but Churches are shrinking.  Why is that?  In Protestantism there is more disunity than ever, and yet it becomes harder and harder every year to fill the pews.  The Catholic Church has unity built into it.  Do you know how you not united with the Church?  When you are not in communion with the rock that Christ founded his Church on.  I hear Protestants accuse Catholics of not being truly in unity with themselves, but that is truly a misguided thought.  Catholics know who they are united with and who they are not united with.  Some Catholics might fall into heresy, but they must be willing to be corrected by the Church.  Still, mother Church can choose to excommunicate over said heresy or not.  If they do not, the person believing the heresy still must relent or else they may not be saved in the end.  If they are excommunicated though, that is a clear and definitive sign that they are not united to the Church and must repent quickly (excommunication is meant to be therapeutic and not vindictive).  Sure there are liberal Catholics as well as conservative, traditional, neoconservative, brown, blue, green, whatever.  While there may be truths that exist in each of these subgroups, they still are called to adhere to the one teaching that Catholics are called to adhere to- the teaching of the Magisterium.  So these groups need to shy away from any ideas that are contrary to the Catholic faith, and it isn't so hard to figure out what that is.  With documents widely published from councils, the internet, archives available to Catholics, and primarily the Catechism of the Catholic Church- Catholics have so many resources to know and follow their faith as best they can.  Some may choose not to use it, but that is their own error.   Catholics may dissent from the Magisterium, and honestly, may be allowed to do so for now without correction.  That doesn't mean they are right, and that doesn't mean that the Church cannot correct them tomorrow or the day after that.  The Church always has that right because Christ said so (Matthew 18:18). "One does not truly love the Father unless one truly love their Mother (the Church)".

3) Morality

        Despite everything, the Catholic Church is the only branch of Christianity that still maintains a system of ethics that has been passed down since the time of the apostles.  Prior to the 1930's all Christians believed birth control and abortion were intrinsic evils.  The Church has been an prophet of peace to governments, empires, kings, dictators trying to widen their domain, and the Church using whatever influence she has to maintain the delicate balance that is always in danger of toppling over.  I know Protestants who feel a strong unity with Catholics over the right to life issue.  They feel empowered by Catholics who agree with them, when many in their community do not agree with them.  With the exception of Hobby Lobby, The Catholic Church was the main contender these last 8 years when the HHS Mandate was established by the Obama Administration in trying to protect the right of religious conscience and freedom in this country.  What a sad sight to see poor nuns being taken to court over not wanting to violate their religions beliefs on issues like abortion and birth control.  The Just War Theory was invented by the Catholic Church.  Christian Pascifism was even born in the Catholic Church.  This is not to say Catholics everywhere followed through on these perfectly, individual Catholics have committed atrocities.  Still the Church called them to repentance as she does to every poor sinner on Earth.

4) Truth

        Protestants might likely roll their eyes at this, but the Catholic Church contains the fullness of truth in the teaching of Christ Jesus.  We have the seven sacraments that were given to us by Christ.  We have had councils that gave even Protestants their most sacred treasures (The New Testament, the dogma of the trinity, the nature of Christ, etc).  We have continued to have these same councils since Protestants seperated and have meditated, dialogued, and lived the spiritual life together as one Church.  We have beautiful prayer traditions.  I have not read a single book on serious prayer and spiritual disciplines that does not cite a Catholic saint.   If they don't, then it is because they stole the idea from a Catholic saint and did not cite them.  Protestants may want to cherry pick what they like from Catholicism, but if you are deciding what to pick from the cherry tree then it is a religion about you and not a religion about Jesus Christ.  This isn't to say the Church is a perfect society, of course not- not yet.  We are all human and the Church has dealt with some bad issues over the course of 2,000 years.  While today some Catholic Bishops might preach something that goes against Church teaching about sex, marriage, or gender- so the Church had Arian bishops preaching a distorted Jesus Christ.  Still, the Church acts as the shepherd to all Christians and the Holy Ghost protects the Church from completely falling into error.  The Church as a whole cannot fall into error, because Jesus Christ said the gates of Hell shall not prevail against her.  So while humans are sinful and can fall away, so here the Church still stands after surviving every empire and major fad for the last 2,000 years.

5) Because Jesus

        Why would Jesus have waited 1500 years to allow Christians to FINALLY figure out what he meant at the Protestant Reformation?  Did he not love Christians during those 1500 years?  Was He not saving them?  I cannot believe that Christ would be so powerless to allow a man-made Church to usurp his own for 1500 years until Luther finally was able to get "real Christians" to figure it out.  No!  He loves you, he loved them, he loves all mankind.  He is sovereign over His Church.  If he allowed His Church to be usurped, then he is not a sovereign God.  If the Church is what the holy scriptures say she is, then she must have existed since Christ ascended into Heaven and gave us the gift of the Holy Ghost.  So Jesus is waiting to have a deeper relationship with you.  He calls all people to join his one Church that he founded- the Holy Catholic Church.

So, I know some people will likely not get this far, they might have stopped reading by now and split.  If you are reading this far, God bless you.  God bless the person who stopped as well.  Still, I thank you for reading this.  I welcome any Christian comments below.